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I really like plants, and I am fascinated by these flowers and plants Order Newport 100.ked plants for the first time when I was six years old. At that time, my mother and I went to the park to play Cheap Priced Marlboro Gold Sold In Us, seeing a lush green area, and another piece of colorful flowers lying on the grass, laughing, dancing, they swaying, seemingly playing with me. . I was very happy. I patted my hands and jumped. I looked at my mouth and was caught by my mother. My mother said, "These flowers are alive. We can't pick them, we want to appreciate them." After that, I stopped and looked at the flowers in detail. It turned out that they are so different. The gorgeous rose is the rabbit's lip kiss, the delicate poppy flower is like the princess dress sent by the mother, the bright rape flower is like I used the crayon to smear it. They grow like the sun in the sun like me. At that moment, I understood life and built up to appreciate their beauty., during the summer vacation, there were a lot of mosquitoes, and it was annoying to bite. Mother went to the flower and bird market and bought a green plant with small pieces of leaves. Mother put it under the writing desk and smiled awkwardly and told me: "This plant is mosquito repellent. You don't have to be afraid. Mom puts it under the table and the mosquito won't bite you."listened, and I frowned before I swept away. Now, I can finally enjoy this comfortable coolness Marlboro 100 Carton Price. The moonlight is like water. This plant called mosquito repellent keeps a book house, and the sound of the disturbing is no longer heard in my ear. I can��t help but admire the little one. The great use of plants.third grade of elementary school, my mom and dad wanted to go out and play, and happened to be in the Arbor Day. So, I suggested: "If we go to the suburbs to plant trees!" This proposal was immediately adopted. So, we rode to the suburbs and bought a tree on the road. . On a hillside, we stopped and found the land fertile, moist and full of sunshine. I borrowed a shovel from a grandfather who lived here Order Malboro 100S Gold Pack In Usa, dug a small pit, tired and sweaty but never tired. Finally, with the help of my father, we dug the pit, I carefully put the seeds in, and my father buried it with soil. This is, my mother has already made a good job of water. I flattened the soil and shouted as I leaped; "Sprout! Sprouting!" I finally got it down, and my mother poured the water there. In order for me to take care of the tree, my father moved the tree into a round porcelain pot and brought it home Cartons Newports Sale. Since then, I have been paying attention to its changes every day. The small tree sprouted on the twelfth day, the 42nd day grew to the height of the fingernails, and the first leaf appeared on the 91st day... I fell in love with this strain. plant. This is a life-raising job and a loving job. I can get countless surprises and joys from it. Of course, there is also experience and a companionship of growth.m fascinated by the fascinating life of plants, fascinated by their powerful use and ubiquitous beauty. How can plants not fascinate me!
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