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These two days, I suddenly missed the smell of silk flowers. I haven't seen any banyan tree since I returned to my hometown. That year, it should be 2010, or at the time of the water tower, in May, when the flowers bloom, the farmhouse there has almost a big banyan tree at the doorstep Parliament Cigarettes. At that time, because I have never seen it, I don't know that the flower in this tree is a silk flower, and I don't know if it can be used as medicine or food. Therefore, when I was in the water tower for several years, when I was on the flower, I didn��t know why this thing was Wang Hao. This is a big girl with a big eyes and a hand and foot Carton Of Cigarettes. I looked at the flowers everywhere, nobody cares. It feels a pity. So she said: "Scorpion, let's pick the flowers, this thing is delicious." I just sit idle and idle, so I said yes. Following her a few bags, I went to the banyan tree of the farmhouse, and the scent of fragrance fluttered in the wind, which made people feel refreshed. When the flower enters the flowering period, it is not only full of flowers, but also under the banyan tree. The flowers of the lower branches are white and green, and a string of wind chimes hang on the branches; the buds on the branches of the high places Not yet open, only the shallow white goose, with a light green pedicle, is a tempting. Blossoming, a string, a cluster, hidden in a piece of green, white is extremely pure, people can't help but want to pick a string, holding it in the palm of the hand, in the mouth, Wang Hao's hands and feet are very good, she I took a handful of flowers Marlboro Gold, but I was a little overwhelmed when I stood on the side, and later learned her, or rubbed my feet or pulled the leaves and put them all open or half. Open the silk flowers, when we filled a few bags, took them back to the umbrella library, we poured them out and folded them again, then rinsed them, Wang Yu sprinkled some flour on it, then I also learned how her look hard They are to pick up the flowers and the flour, and the fragrance of the flowers is integrated into the flour. When most of the flour is wrapped in the flowers, Wang Hao said yes, just put them. They are steamed on the pan. I am very much looking forward to it. I have never eaten the food made by flowers. I can��t imagine how it tastes. I watched her sprinkle some garlic and red pepper on the steamed squid. A little salt and MSG, then pour the hot oil in the pan on it, then pour some vinegar and stir it. I swallowed the saliva unconsciously. Oh, good fragrance, I smelled garlic, vinegar, and The fragrance of the flowers, when she put it out and let everyone eat, we all rushed to chopsticks. I think I have never eaten such delicious things, chewing in the mouth, the thick flower fragrance Doped with flour, so a bit chewy, revealing the breath of spring, just a little bit of garlic and sour taste, but also picking up the desire of our tongue, and like the slightly hot temperature of early summer through the tip of the tongue. I never thought that it was just such a simple thing. Without too much complicated seasoning, you can chew the taste of this late spring and early summer in the mouth so that it is so full of flowers and straight into the nerves of the body Cheap Cigarettes. . I think this world is so wonderful, there are too many things that I have not experienced and seen. I really appreciate the good things that Wang Hao did at that time. She used the beans as well. I have tasted the most original and attractive fragrance of the beans, and the trick she taught me to do. It��s really tight. Really, it is very chewy, but I feel that if I want to make a pot of it, it will take a lot of effort Cigarettes Online. Maybe I have no experience. I always think that people who have a lot of strength can be very porcelain. And flexible. Then I can eat only one, but I still can't help but still want to eat. I think that Wang Hao��s husband is really happy. I have married such a capable woman. In my current imagination, I ate what Wang Hao did. Pasta, her husband's appetite must be very good, then the weight must have increased a lot. This May string of white wind chimes, when can I sing along the wind in my hometown land, so that I can feel the kind again Every nerve has its feeling of early summer to the feeling of jumping all over the body.
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