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When I first looked at the Legion and gave him 90 out of 100, I was terrified that, like Warlords from Draenor, he would make a good first impression Gold in WoW Classic, but he would drop the ball a few months later. Instead, the Legion has significantly improved with each new update, adding an impressive number of tasks and areas to explore. At the same time, intelligent innovations, such as Mythic +, have allowed this 14-year-old MMO to outperform competition, refresh the outdated formula and make it a stimulating and profitable investment.

Although it sometimes stumbled, the Legion was all I wanted from World of Warcraft: a huge world to explore, hard to understand content, and a continuous flow of new things to do every week. Now that this is the end, I can confidently say that Legion is the best year in two years, in which I played World of Warcraft since 2004. Started in 2004. The battle for Azeroth lasts only a month after the release, but Blizzard still has a job for them if they hope to overtake the Legion.

The forthcoming World of Warcraft expansion, Battle for Azeroth, aims to revive a long-lasting conflict between the powerful Horde and the noble Alliance. Although 20 days have passed since the premiere, Blizzard is trying to silence both sides - an event that ends with the permanent destruction of two major cities. This should be a decisive confrontation over the centuries, but after reading the first chapter this morning it is a bit boring.

This pre-expansion event, called the Thorns War, is a series of tasks whose time depends on the time that will last slowly over the next three weeks until August 13 in North America the battle for Azeroth begins Buy WoW Classic Gold. The quest series is the first major offensive of this new war between the Horde and the Alliance, and Sylvanas Windrunnder begins an unexpected siege from the night elf city of Darnassus, and the Horde players will take part in the offensive. Alliance players will act to slow their progress and give the Alliance time to defend.
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