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community mock draft Youth Nigel Bradham Jerseys , Kansas City Chiefs GM Boxer Madness selects ..."Nasir Adderley, S, DelawareWhen I was first awarded the opportunity to make the Kansas City Chiefs’ first round pick, I thought it was a great opportunity to channel my inner-Andy Reid. I have always watched Andy’s drafting philosophy with a sort of morbid curiosity. It has just always seemed that no matter the round, if a player was available that filled a need, was the proper value, and was generally agreed by everyone to be a no-brainer pick, Andy would instead reach about a round or so early and pick an undersized guy from Canada with a high motor.When Andy hits, he hits big (ref: Mahomes, P; McNabb, D; McCoy, L). But when he misses, he usually misses huge (ref. Eagles 2010 and 2011 drafts).So after careful consideration, and for the good of my approval rating, I decided to put my powder blue Hawaiian shirt back in the closet and skip the Andy Reid NFL Draft [censored]Shoot, opting for a more logic-based selection instead.BackgroundFollowing yet another disappointing loss in a big game, Andy Reid and the Chiefs come into 2019 with high-expectations, high pressure, and more holes than most people think. This team is quite a bit different than the team that started the 2018 season. The anchor of the offensive line, Mitch Morse, is gone, signed by by Buffalo in free agency. Gone too is RB Kareem Hunt and WR Chris Conley. And the status of Tyreek Hill hangs in limbo at present, pending resolution of a domestic violence issue. If Hill were to be suspended, the team would be left with Sammy Watkins and a bunch of JAGs as their receiving corps. On defense, the team lost its top 2 pass rushers – Dee Ford and Justin Houston, and are replacing them with Alex Okafor (4 sacks last year) and Emmanuel Ogbah (3 sacks last year) Nigel Bradham Jerseys Stitched , leaving the Chiefs with a 15 sack deficit. The Chiefs have also bid adieu to safeties Eric Berry and Ron Parker, and currently have backup Jordan Lucas listed as a starting safety. While they have added Tyrann Mathieu and Bashaud Breeland to the secondary, they still need significant help to hope to improve the 26th ranked defense of a year ago.Therefore, I have ranked Kansas City’s top draft priorities for 2019 as follows:Secondary Pass Rusher Interior offensive lineWide receiverRunning backThe pick – Nasir Adderley, Safety, University of DelawarePicking at the end of the first round is a different animal than picking in the first 15-20 slots. Most of the big names are usually gone, and there’s always the possibility that the best guys left don’t fit your team’s system or needs. So teams typically either go BPA or trade up or out. But there are no trades allowed in the BGN draft. Fortunately, this year, the BPA for Kansas City fills a huge need.In 2018, the Chiefs’ ranked 31st in passing yards allowed both total and per game, and 24th in points allowed, proving that they were consistently bad in large part to an awful secondary. They won 12 games mostly by beating up on bad teams (Arizona, Cincinnati, San Francisco, Jacksonville, the Broncos and Raiders twice each), while trying to win shootouts with the good teams. In these matchups they were 0-5, (Rams, Chargers, Seahawks, and Patriots twice). In these games in particular, it was clear that the Chiefs’ secondary was simply unable to stop a good offense, as they gave up an average of 40 points per game!. An influx of defensive talent is desperately needed if they want to take the next step.Kansas City got the ball rolling by signing CB Bashaud Breeland and S Tyrann Mathieu, which immediately boosts the secondary. But they need more. Enter Nasir Adderley. Together with Mathieu, the two-headed monster brings a big upgrade in talent along with a new attitude mixed with a batch of swagger to the secondary.What they’re saying about Adderley:As per Jon Ledyard, TDN:As per Matt Miller Tommy McDonald Jerseys Stitched , Bleacher Report:And as per Joe Marino, TDN:College Production2015: Started all 11 games as a true freshman for the University of Delaware Blue Hens, leading the team with eight pass breakups and 51 tackles, two for loss. 2016: Named third-team all-conference with 49 stops, two interceptions, and four pass breakups.2017: First-team All-CAA with 78 tackles, four for loss, a team-high five interceptions (135 return yards), and three pass breakups. 2018: Second-team AP FCS All-American and first-team all-conference player, leading the team with four interceptions and seven pass breakups to go along with 87 tackles, 1.5 for loss, in 12 starts. He also returned five kickoffs on the year (for 149 yards, 29.8 average), and a TD.HighlightsSee for yourself:ConclusionAndy Reid and the Chiefs are standing in front of a slowly closing window. They have a high-octane offense with a scary-good franchise QB. But the defense, and especially the secondary is definitely NOT on the same level. By adding Nasir Adderley they get an athletic, highly versatile safety with elite ball skills, who plays with a mean streak, can play in the box, play deep, cover, blitz, and can even return kicks. He brings an infectious attitude that will infuse a swagger back into the defense. And he and Tyrann Mathieu can utilize their coverage and ball skills to compensate for the drop off in pass rush that the Chiefs are sure to encounter after losing Ford and Houston. Lastly, his versatility allows Kansas City to use him to cover a variety of deficiencies (including CB if necessary) as they continue to rebuild their defense. Nasir Adderley is an immediate day-one starter and instantly upgrades the weakest position group of the team, making him an excellent value at pick #29.Birdbrained Week 5: Solving The Safety Position Howdy team! It’s mailbag time.If you ever want to get your questions in, hit me up on Twitter @BenjaminSolak. If you don’t have a Twitter, you can also e-mail me at benjamin [dot] solak [at] gmail Brian Dawkins Jerseys 2019 , but I will probably tell you to get a Twitter (and answer your question anyway).Aaaand here we go!I kinda talked about this with the Eric Thomas thing last week; but it applies to Le’Veon as well: Understanding the comp pick formula really frees you up to make some aggressive in-season trades. Let’s use Bell as the example:Because Le’Veon Bell would likely be one of the larger free agent contracts when he hits the market after this season, the team that loses Bell to free agency will receive a compensatory Draft pick — likely a third- or fourth-rounder.Philadelphia could be the team to recoup that selection. So what’s the price to rent one of the top running backs in the league for 2018, and then acquire a 2020 third round selection? That’s the question you’re asking here.Now, typically, when you add a free agent, you don’t have to worry about making the team worse, right? He either adds talent, or your team stays the same. But with Bell, if you’re trading for him, you have to convince him to sign the franchise tag, and then...actually play. As the Eagles — a team very unlikely to extend Bell beyond 2018 — that might be a difficult sell.Of course, it doesn’t have to be Earl Thomas or Le’Veon Bell — it doesn’t have to be a disgruntled, future free agent that you trade for. And because future Draft picks are 90% a myth — think about the number of trades that happen on Draft night — you shouldn’t be afraid of moving a Day 2 pick or multiple Day 3 picks for the sake of proven players. I expect moves. Even if the Eagles win out from now until the deadline, or lose out the same. Howie’s always looking for value, and that won’t change this season.No, not really.Before the season, when you looked at the Eagle defense, you’d likely circle defensive tackle depth or safety depth as the two biggest concerns. Maybe LB depth, but I feel like training camp handled that bump pretty nicely. Now a quarter of the way through the season, safety depth really has been exposed as the issue, in terms of personnel.I probably have lost some confidence in Jim Schwartz, because he’s really struggling to get creative on the back-end. I thought he had done a nice job of growth in this regard coming into the season, but a leopard never changes its spots, I suppose. My confidence in the front-seven as a whole remains unwavering, as does my trust in Malcolm Jenkins to superhero-will the Eagles to win after win.For the offense, you likely circled the Carson Wentz health situation as the biggest red flag — and really Youth Brian Westbrook Jerseys , to this point in the season, it technically has been, in that Carson’s only played two games. By the same token, the pass-catching depth was a big point of worry in September, but all it took was a good Goedert game and then an Alshon return to quell those concerns.I suppose my salient point with the offense: let them get everyone back and in a few weeks with a new offensive coordinator before we go panicking. The switch at LG has been made to Seumalo, but I generally expect the offense to look much better when, you know, all of Darren Sproles and Corey Clement and Alshon Jeffery and 100% of Jay Ajayi and Carson Wentz are on the field at the same time.I am not even close to panic mode about the offensive line. They’ve had two shaky weeks against two complex fronts. It’s all okay.This kinda follows that ‘Schwartz adjusting’ idea, so let’s address it here.The general schema, from my understanding, is this: let’s assume pressure is going to arrive to the quarterback quicker than 2.5 seconds (that’s the average NFL time to throw). That’s pretty much enough time for the QB to get to his first, maybe his second read depending on the concept.If you’re playing Cover 3 with your corners off the line — that’s the typical Schwartz deployment — then your corners can play downhill into quick-breaking hot routes, thereby scoring PBUs or quick tackles against the quick throw game teams will use to combat your pass rush.If you’re playing Cover 3 press, or just pure Cover 1, then you can more easily take away those underneath routes, sure — but if and when you get beat by quick underneath releases, you allow for YAC. And, if and when you get beat instead by one-on-one throws like the go route or back-shoulder fade, you give up bigger chunks of yardage.Of course, Philadelphia can get into situations (Tampa Bay) in which, despite playing Cover 3, they’re still giving up big chunk plays (deep ins and comebacks were the great culprit there). I agree that, at that point, you’d like to see Schwartz potentially press or run trap coverages to discourage those routes. I’d also welcome more variance generally, just to keep offenses on their toes. We saw a move that direction against the Titans, but some really bad execution on the field — and likely too much variance in the play-calling to boot. There’s a balance to be struck here. More press is definitely a possibility — but it doesn’t really lend itself to the structure and philosophy of Jim Schwartz’s entire defense.I’m taking these three together Youth Herman Edwards Jerseys , since they’re definitely linked. Let’s start with the big question:Why was Avonte Maddox — a rookie cornerback — seeing safety reps over Deiondre’ Hall, a player who has actually played safety before in his life?I dunno. I have no idea what that logic was. Simply none.Maddox as a safety is something I find very perplexing. Think about it this way: slot corners play in the tightest of spaces in the secondary. There are bodies everywhere else — inside, outside, deep — so all the work of slot receivers happens very immediately. That’s why the primary trait of slot receivers is quickness: they need to separate in an instant, given the tight confines.Deep safeties play in the most open of spaces in the secondary. Everything is happening equidistant to them (generally speaking). Their job isn’t to get somewhere in a split second, but rather get everywhere in a reasonably short period of time. They don’t need quickness so much as they need range — long-distance quickness, I suppose — which is a marriage of recognition and long speed.Maddox’s primary trait is his quickness; his long range speed is certainly impressive, but that’s not what stands out on tape, and his recognition skills are yet untested. Furthermore, things like ballhawking skills — size and vertical leap to attack the catch point, physicality when attacking seam routes — also remain untested, and at his size, the outlook is a little bleak. He simply doesn’t translate to the safety position nearly as well as he does the slot.Hence him playing in the slot for all of camp and the preseason.Now, Deiondre’ Hall isn’t nearly as fast as Maddox — he’s built far more like a box safety who can cover tight ends than he is a free safety like McLeod. If the Eagles were to get Hall on the field, it would be more likely as the box guy, while Jenkins would step back into McLeod’s role as the deep safety.But at least then you’d have Hall playing a role he’s familiar with, instead of Maddox in a role he’s never seen before. To me, that seems preferable — but what do I know, really?Given the issues in the secondary, not seeing Hall at all in the near future — read: this week — would be rather a condemnation on that trade. The Eagles are desperate for an impact player at safety, and they traded for a safety who has yet to see the field. If that continues, that’s a bad look.
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