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Allergies occur when your body does not recognise a foreign substance that is taken in the form of air or orally. Allergies affect millions of people worldwide and cause many distressing and uncomfortable symptoms. The statistics say that one out of every three people in UK experiences symptoms such as sneezing Cheap Braydon Coburn Jersey , a runny nose and many more reactions. The most common allergic diseases are asthma, eczema and hay fever. Allergic reactions are usually triggered by anything from pollen, dust and mould to food or particular materials. The elements present in the environment that cause an allergic reaction are known as allergens. An <"http:www.labsdirectukallergy-tests" style="font-weight:bold">allergy test, done at the right time, can help you in avoiding the situation.

You normally get allergic to food when your body produces antibodies due to reaction caused by a specific protein present in the food particles. Some of the common foods that lead to allergic reactions are wheat, eggs Cheap Yanni Gourde Jersey , peanuts, fish, milk, or shellfish. The common symptoms include nausea, headache, breathless Cheap Ryan Callahan Jersey , diarr[censored]a, abdominal pain, swelling or a rash. Allergies have affected people of almost all age groups, but mostly it tends to affect children. In the majority of the cases, an allergy is usually inherited from a parent.

The perfect way to treat a food allergy is to avoid the food particles to which you are allergic. The <"http:www.labsdirectukfood-allergy-test" style="font-weight:bold">food allergy test allows you to determine this very easily in the comfort zone of your home. You can order a test kit online and provide your blood sample in the test kit. The blood sample is tested with the 12 most likely food allergens like carrots, shrimp Cheap Brayden Point Jersey , soy bean, chicken eggs, fish mix, wheat flour, meat variety, peanuts Cheap Ondrej Palat Jersey , celery, hazelnuts, rye flour and cow's milk. When you eliminate certain food items from your diet, you can easily avoid the factors which trigger an allergy. This is why a food allergy test is extremely important to avoid the discomfort of an allergy. In the test kit you will also be provided with a lancet and collection tube, so that you make a small prick on the tip of your finger to collect blood sample in a tube.

Inhaled allergies are widespread these days which can cause asthma, runny nose Cheap Alex Killorn Jersey , sneezing, gasping and itchy eyes. The <"http:www.labsdirectukinhaled-allergy-test" style="font-weight:bold">inhaled allergy test aids in evaluating the allergens present in the environment which can cause an allergy. If you know the allergens which affects you then you can manage your allergy efficiently without being worried. The inhaled allergy test kit tests for the 12 most common inhaled allergens. These allergens can be listed as grass, pollen mix, dust mites, hazel, pollen Cheap Chris Kunitz Jersey , birch pollen, stinging nettle pollen, cladosporium herbarum (fungus), latex, aspergillus fumigatus (fungus), alternaria alternata (asthma risk factor) Cheap Tyler Johnson Jersey , mugwort,dog epithelia and cat epithelia.

The test kit is very simple to use and does not take more than a few minutes. You just need the lancet to prick on the tip of your fingertip and collect two to three drops of blood in the ca[censored]ary tube and send it back to the laboratory. The blood sample which you provide will be tested for antibodies produced by your body in reaction to the 12 common allergens and your results will be out in just a week. Once you order the test kit, it is dispatched to your doorstep, keeping all your personal information confidential. If you are having any doubts about a developing allergy, it is healthier to be completely sure about it by considering allergy test.

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