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I don't mind microtransactions The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold, but it is normal now to be able to spend more then ten times the money on these then that which we must have spend on The Elder Scrolls Blades when we only bought it.If a completely free game has an earning model like The Elder Scrolls Blades here, I instantly remove it . Which is essentially all totally free games.Bethesda didn't eliminate touch with their customers, they were only late linking with them compared to other people. Of course customer means stockholder/investor from the gambling world.But seriously, FREE cellular game filled with microtransaction is merely ordinary, games don't get created for free so that I can understand monetisation in them. That's why most core players hate mobile gaming however, the true monster will always be paying to get a game and it still has microtransaction in there (even cosmetic).Game is in no way like some of the titles. Progressing trough The Elder Scrolls Blades is badly diminished with having toclevel up your town by either spending a lot of money on grinding or packs 20 (all mostly indentical) side assignments to get rThe Elder Scrolls Bladesurces to create a home you cant enter. Loot includes trough chests you can find, those I have discovered so far take: 5 seconds, 3 hours and 6 hours to open respectively or open instantly when you use. Massive disappointment from something that may be so great.So we're talking about songs for The Elder Scrolls Blades. You told somebody who loved skyrim to wait. I replied that the individual who made all the skyrim (along with oblivion along with morrowind) songs doesn't have anything to do with The Elder Scrolls Blades. What words are you having trouble with?? if you don't understand the significance

This accessibility limiting is bs, at least leave a small part of The Elder Scrolls Blades Items available to everybody, it can be as long/farther away as this video's lenght, so people may see if they like The Elder Scrolls Blades and even if they could run it, and also in order to assist both players and devs, at the end have an choice to send performance information accumulated when you played, to the devs, in order for them to enhance Boost The Elder Scrolls Blades for alot of mobiles. I dont understand why it wasnt a swipe to assault at least. And why its battle???? Would have enjoyed a individual option and have the choice to fight numerous enemies while battling, or proceed.
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