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Over the past few months I’ve been putting miles on several new reduced-heel s[censored] offerings from Saucony. Among these are the Fastwitch 5, Mirage, Peregrine, and most recently the Hattori. The Fastwitch 5 is unique among these in that it Nike Air Vapormax Womens is the only one that is not an entirely new s[censored] – it’s the 5th incarnation of a popular lightweight trainer/racing Nike Air Pegasus 83 Dámské s[censored]. I actually have a personal history with the Fastwitch as the Fastwitch 2 was my first racing s[censored], and it was the s[censored] I wore for 2 of my first 4 marathons. I was therefore rather excited when I first heard that Saucony would be reducing the heel height of the Fastwitch in this newest model (making it a 5mm drop s[censored]). Saucony has been a bit of a trend setter in this sense – they have a wider variety of reduced heel options than most of their major competitors, and for this I give them a lot of credit.The initial release of the Fastwitch 5 included to colorways – a fairly conservative white version with black and green overlays, and a flashier green version with black overlays. Unfortunately, the media sample Nike Air Max 90 Womens that Saucony sent me was the white version (disclaimer: this s[censored] was provided free of charge by Saucony), and Adidas Superstar Donne though it is certainly not an ugly s[censored], I’m not a huge fan of excessively white s[censored]s. The green version is pretty slick (see photo below), and much better suits my taste. In most respects, the Fastwtich 5 is a pretty standard looking running s[censored] – not much more to say than that.Though it shares a similar heel-forefoot-drop to the Saucony Kinvara (see my Kinvara review here), the Fastwitch 5 is a very different s[censored]. First and foremost, whereas the Kinvara is a neutral cushioned s[censored], the Fastwitch is a stability s[censored] with a medial post (see gray area on the midsole in the photo above). Thus, the Fastwitch 5 will appeal to those who might be afraid to try a neutral s[censored] like the Kinvara. Personally, I’m not a big believer that pronation control should be a major criterion in s[censored] selection, but I know some people fear deviating Nike Air Presto Womens from their assigned category, so this is a low drop s[censored] that might strike a bit less fear into the stability crowd.In Nike Air Max 95 Womens addition to the medial post, the Fastwitch also has a very firm midsole – much firmer than the Kinvara. The reported specs are 18mm lift in the heel, 13 mm in the forefoot (I measure 14 mm – close enough I guess), and the included insole adds 2 mm to the heel lift (as is the case with most of the other Saucony s[censored]s I have). I have taken to using my Nike Free insoles in all of my Saucony s[censored]s since they are flat and thus don’t add additional heel height. There is also noticeable arch support built into the s[censored], so swapping insoles doesn’t correct for that.One of the biggest complaints that I’ve heard about the Kinvara is that it lacks durability due to its minimal outsole. The Fastwtich 5 has a much more prominent Nike Air Presto Donne outsole that covers the entire bottom of the s[censored]. As such, I expect that it will be a lot more durable for those Nike Air Max 270 Womens who have had issues with the Kinvara (my one and only pair of Kinvaras has held up quite well even after having run two marathons in them). The tradeoff to the added rubber on the sole is that it’s a bit heavier than the Kinvara – it’s listed at 8 oz in size 9.Finally, in terms of fit, these s[censored]s run true to size for me and the forefoot is snug but comfortable. It’s by no means a wide s[censored] – very similar to the Kinvara actually, which works OK for my foot (though I’d prefer a bit more width).I’ve come to the realization over the past few months that I don’t like firm s[censored]s unless they sit extremely close to the ground (e.g., an XC flat or less). This is a problem I had with the New Balance Minimus Road, and I’m Nike Air Max 2017 Mens having similar feelings about the Fastwitch. While running in the Fastwitch 5, I find that the firmness seems to cause Nike Air Max 90 Herr me to rapidly pronate upon initial ground impact, but then stop rapidly once the medial border of the s[censored] hits the ground. It feels kind of like a jerky motion as opposed to the more fluid landing I feel in a softer s[censored] or one that hugs the ground. This is probably just a personal thing, but because of it, this s[censored] will not likely earn a regular spot in my rotation. For those who dislike the Kinvara because of its slightly squishy sole, the Fastwitch might be a better choice.

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