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This was a great deal. I bought a half dozen of these elsewhere and had to actually pay more for them when you factor in shipping. These fit the bill for me because I can wash them after I wear them once. I use them when I go cycling. Since they are all cloth, I can use the back of the glove to wipe the sweat off my brow. If my chain falls off, I can repair it without getting all greasy, and then I can just discard the gloves since one pair was just a dollar on average. If you try to buy these at a gas station, you'll pay $2 a pair now.
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I use four of these lights permanently mounted in my basement studio/rehearsal space. They are not connected to a controller, just plugged into the outlet and set for a single color. They work really well. A nice amount of light for an indoor space. Lots of features and options for programming (that I don't even use). In general I think Chauvet stuff is pretty cheap (like the el-cheapo stand that came with my 4-Bar system I use for live gigs), but for a situation like this they are working great. I would recommend them. For live gigs and easy portability, however, I'd look at the "4-Bar" system by the same company - it's great, too.
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